Is a boundary something absolute and unchangeable?
A boundary is born when something is separated from another and clearly shows the identity of these “separated things”.Identities, that were created by the boundary, will have a “relationship” which can be defined by some sort of counter factors.

My works stand on a foundation that is made by three relative relationships; “Space”, “Appreciator”, and “Art Works”. It will create shape (surface) that is formed by “dots” and “lines” in some space.
Embedding the shape into the space, a sensory space will be created by third party’s involvement.
The sensory space is formed by an appreciator. To put it in other words, only an appreciator can experience this sensory space.
Utilizing my work as a trigger, I would like to encourage extrasensory perception to be stimulated and leap out. From the experience that is created by the fluctuation of an appreciator’s sense, I would like to encourage it to leap further into individual spaces.

In a “sightseeing room”, an appreciator unconsciously creates a “wall”, which in fact doesn’t exist, within something invisible.
The appreciator experiences stepping across the borderline by destroying the “wall” by herself/himself.
Through the act of trying to see something beyond the unknown or a background behind something visible, I believe one can “get rid of the wall” to “imagine something unknown”.

Many of these kinds of walls exist in our daily lives.
My attempt is to bring out the true nature of what one cannot see as well as what one comes to see by breaking the wall to the surface.

Invisible, and nothing exists.
Visible, and something is exposed to be seen.
Whether existing or not, the point is to make the viewer imagine something that is out of her/his state of mind.

I would like to expand the unknown world that is created by one’s imagination.