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line of image

inkjet print
H :1172 × W : 800 mm


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Sands are grains, as well as dots. They are blown onto the mirror to collectively form a single line. On the mirror is the line formed by sand, and in the mirror is a reflection of that line. A picture is taken making sure both lines are captured.
Of the two lines that exist in the picture, one is a material line, and another is a reflection in the mirror.
What was created on the surface of the mirror is just a matter, but by projecting it in a picture, that material “line” changes itself into a simple image.
These two lines are separated into “matter and image” by a definite border; however, when captured in a picture, both lines become similar images, crumbling the relationship of the two lines. It feels like where we stand is where abstraction takes place, permeating the border that used to separate the lines.