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sightseeing room #05

luminous tape, motion censer, timer, mixed media
dimension variable / Space size  H : 2700 × W : 3000 × D : 4000 mm
photo by Mitsutaka Kitamura
supported by Inuyashiki, Kazuhiro Sagara, Zui
– – – – – –

Arriving at this one building, climbing the stairs, and opening a hatch let us into a room from a small entrance barely big enough for one person to get through. What spreads ahead is another dimension of complete darkness. There, we experience the space itself and our own senses, and waver on the border of our senses. Once in the dark room, we are faced with a huge wall that brightly shines green. The room itself is covered by complete darkness, not allowing us to fathom how deep and far the room stretches. We are not even sure of where we are standing. As if we are searching where we have located ourselves, we stretch our hands toward the wall we see in front of us. However, the hands go through the wall. It is at that moment the wall that was supposed to stand right there is removed, transforming into an open space.

Eventually, as our eyes get used to the darkness and the surroundings start becoming dimly visible, we see the space in front of the line. However, the space on the other side cannot be seen no matter how long we try to. Viewers experience the deviation of their own sight and recognition. The deviation that occurs between what is visual and its nature; the wall that can be seen although it is not actually there – we unconsciously end up “creating” that wall. However, we may be able to push forward that wall into the yet unseen space by changing it into “imagination”, as though we are seeking for expanded space beyond where we can’t see a thing.