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sightseeing room #01

luminous tape, mixed media

dimension variable / Space size:H : 5M × W : 25M × D : 21 M

Former Kanaya race factory/ Kiryu Saien 15

supported by  LTI Corporation.
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This is an attempt to awaken the subliminal sense of perception in people by letting them feel, from a new viewpoint, the space and existence of a factory that once used to liven up the city with textile industry. Luminous tapes are stuck on the building’s ceiling, wall, and floor as if they are connected by a single line. Luminous tapes collect daylight and emit light on their own when it becomes dark.
This piece can only come to life when the scene’s space, light and darkness, and appreciators are complete. A line of light suddenly appears in a vacant space. Through the shining line in the darkness, the appreciators experience the space in this factory and their own perception itself. When they enter the dark room of this work, they are unable to grasp the sense of space due to the darkness, and end up perceiving it as a huge wall that is framed by the line in the darkness.
As their senses get used to it, they will slowly start to recognize the existence of space beyond the line. Meanwhile, because of the limitation of their visual skills, they can only experience the neutral state for merely a minute. Still, this slight encounter and the experience of how the senses adjusted to it are both what had been experienced by us.

The existence of what humans cannot perceive, and the possibilities of human skills and rediscovery; The wall that seems to be there but actually isn’t — the wall which exists yet is invisible to our eyes — it is what is born from us, and surpassed by us.