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sightseeing room #02

luminous tape,  mixed media

dimension variable / Space size  H : 3000 × W : 8620 × D : 9120 mm

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Going through a narrow path, and opening a heavy black curtain, another dimension of darkness is what unfolds.
It is designed so that the ceiling will slowly show up as our eyes get used to the surroundings through dark adaptation. The revelation of the entire ceiling triggers an illusion as if the huge wall that stands right in our way is a huge mirror.
What we thought was a reflection of the space in the front is actually the space that spreads behind the lines, and we can go through the lines of light. This optical illusion of space happens in a bare minimal situation.
The complicated perception that is triggered by one simple line is indeed what we ourselves are causing. The wall that seems to be there but actually isn’t — the wall which exists yet is invisible to our eyes — by sensing the difference, we transform the separated border (wall) into one big space that we can cross.
Here, anybody can gain the experience of crossing the barrier of that border through creating the entrance from “wall” to “space” with their own senses, and crossing the line.